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He says he is so in love with her and wants to be with her, but does not want to leave me or his children.

He has made several comments, half joking/half serious, about moving her... When he first told me he was a interest I took it as general question and told him I didn't see anything wrong but it wasn't for me. I'm a normal person who wants a meaningful job, a nice home and a loving family. Now maybe this is selfish but i have never really been a very domesticated girl.

In April 2000, the authors contacted more than 700 plural wives, asking them about their experience.

They were promised anonymity because it is against the law and currently being prosecuted in Utah.

I think it's a neautiful thing for families that can handle being in a large setting like that. By understanding that I need sacrifice my selfish wants, I came to dream new dreams that...

Say, one of your partner's dies, it's tragic yes, but theirs that support for the children.After about a month of so he mention it again and I told him that I didn't want to share. I just have never found real happiness in a monogamous relationship and always felt like something was missing. Don't like cooking and cleaning but absolutely love kids, and desperately want a family, But i live in nyc and i don't kno how to really meet practicing... I think I could handle caring for more than one wife I am very diplomatic and like to see everyone happy.I would say about 4 wives would be my limit anymore is too much.My husband recently told me about his girlfriend he has been with for a few months now.

He has made several comments, half joking/half serious, about moving her...

My current boyfriend on the side meets some of the missing needs but he could never replace my husband.